This page holds some random links to Interesting, Funny, or Other Stuff.  What other links do you feel belong here?  Drop me a line and let me know if there is something you feel has wide engineering appeal.


The first link here is a Youtube-based Video blog by David L. Jones, an EE in Australia.  He is enthusiastic, informative, and fun to follow.


You might not be a programmer today, but eventually you will be.  It is the way of the world that everything becomes (or is designed in combination with) software.  You will be assimilated.  That makes it important that you embrace that domain.  Slashdot remains my favorite technology news aggregator.  I greatly enjoy scanning the reader's comments.  There are some very bright, funny, and disturbed individuals reading along with me.


I don't know that I even need to include this link since I am sure you already know it, but here you go.  Just be forwarned: Dilbert is a documentary, disguised as a cartoon.


Some very clever stuff can be found at the cartoon strip xkcd.  Occasionally contains strong language not suitable for children, but always smart, ironic, funny, or insightful.